Groundbreaking technology comes quite alive and literally too when Technology meets Real Estate.  Having had a ringside view of the Real Estate industry over the last decade, It has been observed that technology has challenged and remarkably disrupted this market space. 

From property-viewing using virtual reality, architectural designs, visualizing ahead, project scoping, financials, green architecture, industry benchmarking, sales, CRM Tools, active marketing tools & social media analysis, lead generation, every square meter revolving around Real Estate has technology etched in it. 

It begins at the plinth level with damp-proofing technology. The sturdy construction is ensured through anti-termite treatment from naturally derived solvents. RCC structure tested for NDT(non- destructive test) & pulse velocity, rigid electrical concealed conducting, external walls double coat plaster with integral admixture for water repellent properties, roof waterproofing with polyurethane liquid treatment with high elasticity which has excellent thermal & weather resistance, most appliances with inbuilt inverters to mitigate fluctuations, are just some behind the scenes instances where technology ensures fantastic build quality. Use of IP65 rated outdoor lighting, application of food-grade coating for water storage tanks, solar water heaters is perhaps the more visual technology. 

Artificial intelligence and smart homes are going to be standard installations for Luxury homes in the near future. Automation through Android and IOS application for enhanced customer experience in terms of accessibility & convenience.

Creating breathing microcosms as an extension of the personalities of homes, heavily seeks the usage of technology at every turn. Integrating technology seamlessly into living spaces is a norm, is an expectation, is a way of being in today’s Luxury Real Estate space.

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