Bennet and Bernard Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing to social causes has always been at the heart of the Bennet and Bernard Group. We have been lending support to various social causes over the years that it has now gradually been etched into the walls of this company. And; as it is always with the flow of positive vibes, such is also the case here. It is but obvious and apparent that the ways of giving would have rubbed off within the teams and a general thoughtful outlook flows down and is inculcated into the minds and the ways of the Group as a whole.

The precedent set by its Director, Fabiola Mendes e Rodrigues; together with the support of the Founder & Chairman Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues and Co-Founder & CEO Mr. Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, has reverberated through the ways of each and every employee within the group with a personal want to bring a little more joy into someone else’s life. Unwittingly, in our own little ways the team thus brings a little more humanity into the world. Such is the ultimate goal of the Management of Bennet and Bernard and the Group as a whole.

Rooney Marlee Animal Welfare

Rooney Marlee Animal Welfare Trust is our very own established trust which directs all sorts of social causes, in collaboration with Goa Animal Welfare Trust (GAWT). The organization is sincerely dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the stray, injured and abandoned animals. The objective is to make the lives of street pets in Goa more humane and cared for. The mission as an organization is to maintain a peaceful, nurturing, loving, and compassionate sanctuary for aged, unwell, abandoned, injured, and lonely animals. Rooney Marlee Animal Welfare Trust is the social vertical of the Bennet and Bernard Group, under which all our social causes are driven. In our biggest social effort , RMAWT and Goa Animal Welfare Trust (GAWT) are collaborated.

Bennet and Bernard Covid Diaries

On the onset of lockdown, almost all police personnel’s were on round-the-clock duty ensuring people were kept indoors and safe. Bennet and Bernard decided to do their bit for these front-line workers helping us and thus raised canopy tents to provide shade and shelter to those personnel on lockdown duty at various check posts around Goa. We provided canopies for shade and refreshments were organised for them while on duty.

The Bennet and Bernard’s Bakery team worked tirelessly during those difficult times and made bread for distribution to the needy and less fortunate on the streets around the state.

At a time when stringent measures of lockdown were in place and people were asked to stay indoors, food rations were of the essence. At these difficult times, Bennet and Bernard sought authorisation and organised to mobilise home deliveries of Artisan Deli cold cuts to various homes at different locations in Goa.

Food rations were scarce for the people of Goa during the period of lockdown and at these times the stray animals were as well severely impacted. They were however not forgotten by the team at Bennet and Bernard. Our Group undertook the task of providing for people and feeding the stray animals across various areas in the state.

Bennet and Bernard hosted an online concert in aid of WVS Hicks ITC (Street Animal Welfare). The Digital Charity Concerts were live streamed on their YouTube channel and for each YouTube subscriber Rs. 50 was contributed towards WVS Goa.
The concerts were also streamed at Old Age Homes, providing fun and entertainment to our old and perhaps a forgotten sect of society.

Looking Within Yourself

In another initiative to help those in difficulties, Bennet and Bernard group donated and assisted in the CSR efforts carried out in Arunachal Pradesh by the missionaries of St Francis Xavier assisting with the setting up of a free school for the children of the tribal people and the tea workers in the area since no school was available for them or the kids were unable to go to school due to poverty.

The group donated to the cause and helped in their efforts in opening a free school for kids and as well as education to the old in that area who are unable to read or write, helping them to read and stay abreast of what is happening in the world.

Spreading Christmas Cheer

The Bennet and Bernard Group believes in the concept of giving all year through. The various causes and activities they undertake is a clear indication of what the group holds value to. Hence, it was but natural that at the time of giving, their efforts to provide their “Acts of Kindness” would not be weakened. The Group undertook various activities to go above and beyond and make Christmas more meaningful for others.

A week-long event called “Be Kind to a Pet” was organised within the group. The team provided food to stray dogs around their homes and vicinity. The team also went out on a food drive to feed the stray dogs; in Panjim and Margao as well as in industrial estates around the state where the dogs in those areas were not being fed with a change in business practices and a lot of offices being closed in industrial estates.

On the 10th of December; with the Christmas season ongoing, the group decided to do something nice for the elderly, to make Christmas a little more merrier for them. The team hence organised a sumptuous home-cooked Goan meal for the inhabitants of the St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged in Bastora.

The construction workers at various construction sites were also thought of during this time of giving. Their health and hygiene; which may not be thought of as often, were provided with ‘Kindness Kits’. These kits included grooming items for men and sanitizers which were provided to them at various sites in Assagao.

Not forgetting the less fortunate families of Goa; the Bennet and Bernard Team; in collaboration with El Shaddai Charitable Trust, went out onto the roads to provide food kits to families and kids on the roads.

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