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Jardim De Amor

4.5 BHK Colonial Goan-Portuguese villas
“Jardim de Amor”, Garden of Love are Luxury villas in Assagao raised minutes away from the hub of Goa’s tourist destination, Vagator. With the peace of its quintessential palm-loaded location, these Portuguese styled villas are raised to colonial perfection.

Each of the villas consists of a built- up area of 3200 Sq ft. The large spacious rooms will have an expansive carpet area of 2900 Sq. ft. The villa is gracefully endowed with touches of Portuguese designs and common of that era is hand-palm wall effects. Each villa hosts a private garden and private pool.

Wooden rafters and raw wood flooring, kitchens designed by Bennet & Bernard, hand painted- tiles are vintage walls are just a few of the specials.
With a garden space of 710 Sq. ft, there is ample time for tête-à-tête with the birds that come to your home. The villas enveloped in Bougainvillea and Goan rose bushes leave the old charm feeling..

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd, is the India Division of the global business of The Bennet & Bernard Company. Led by a dynamic, visionary leadership, the company has established itself as the foremost benchmark of luxury real estate in Goa. Born and bred on Goan soil, Bennet & Bernard are deeply attuned to the importance of responsible development in our beloved state.The business is diversified into various sectors, including gastronomy and hospitality, as well as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

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