Atention to detail
what we do

Attention to detail, best described as meticulous, methodical, diligent, with high accuracy and discipline, across all aspects involved. Bennet and Bernard invests a great deal of emphasis on details aimed at specific functions, safety, emotions, and value adding aesthetics.

The degree of mastery is seemingly endless, it’s deliberate, thoughtful, demand-inspired and site specific.

The elegant designs we arrive at, come from an in-depth understanding of how architecture is constructed. At a detailed level, we focus on the innate characteristics of materials and their positioning – hempcrete blocks, air quality meters, HEPA filters, wooden rafters, wrought iron work, vastu compliant, stone cladding, arches, corbelling, along with others which work best for an overall finish. We function with a conscious awareness towards architectural details, that go beyond its function to relate to its context, its inhabitants, or its purpose. The resultant is captivating euphoria.

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd is the fastest grown and perhaps youngest vision-driven Real Estate Developers in Goa. As a leading firm in eco-luxury real estate and hospitality, our vision is to bring world-class services to Goa with an eye on the local environment. 


1st Floor, Mathias House, Near Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Campal, Panaji, Goa 403001

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T: (+91) 9019110055

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