Solace in Siolim

The first village we choose to talk about is Siolim as it is practically in the middle of all the most frequently visited places up north. If you planned on staying up North and want to experience all the party Goa has to offer, Then  Siolim is the place to be. To the south of Siolim, we have Anjuna, Baga, Calangute, and Candolim that is 11-12 km away and to the North of Siolim we have Morjim, Ashwem, Mandrem and Arambol that’s about 14 km at Arambol being the furthest. If you’ve done your research on where the main parties are, then you’ll know that the places we’ve mentioned are where you need to be. Panjim has a couple of nice Pubs too but we’ll get back to that in another blog.

So if you have already visited Goa and have been to Siolim and are thinking oh there’s nothing to do there, why make a blog about it? Well, your perception is about to change and you are going to be mind blown!

Stroll across a water body

The first thing on our to-do list is walking from Siolim to Morjim through the river! The best time of the year to do this is during summer when there’s a low tide. The water only reaches waist level and you can partake in some good ol’ fishing and crab catching while you’re at it. The best place you can start this walk from is at Uddo beach in Siolim.

Trek up a hill

If you want some good ol fashion exercise with more than just physical gains, you can take a trek to Martyrs Chapel that’s situated on the hill in Modlem Bhat in Siolim. It’s a sight for sore eyes. If you have trouble finding it you can politely ask any local for directions and they’ll guide you. It’s always fun to go on an adventure in the unknown, visiting places that aren’t so popularly known and this is the perfect place to find solace. The sight from the Chapel is spectacular. It overlooks the Siolim bridge and is a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset as well.
Sunset Bar & Restaurant - Uddo Beach Siolim

Watch a beautiful sunset at - Uddo (The Sunset Bar and Kitchen)

If you don’t feel like walking across and just want to sit at blissful restaurant and drink a beer and catch a gorgeous sunset then that brings us to tip number two which is catching an outstanding sunset at Uddo- The Sunset Bar and kitchen.  You have a gorgeous river view of Chapora and Morjim from there. You can even witness villagers blissfully rowing their boats across, some will be fishing or crab catching.

The vibe of the place is really quaint, nothing too fancy but still very aesthetically pleasing. If you’re into photography then you should definitely take your camera along so you can take some killer shots of the spectacular view they have to offer.

Fishing under the Siolim bridge

A peaceful and relaxing activity you can do by yourself or with a few friends is fishing under the Siolim bridge. You get to see a beautiful view of the Siolim river and narrow roads running alongside giving you an authentic village vibe.

Have breakfast like a king at Black Vanilla Assagao!

Black vanilla is an All Day Breakfast House, only 6km from Siolim and could technically be even less as Assagao is adjacent to Siolim. Rustically set in a Goan- Portuguese Villa in the birdsong village of Assagao, quaint streets and shady trees, it has balcony seating and indoors amidst walls that are quoted quirky and witty. Warm and cozy with the perfect coffee in hand, you’ll know time well spent with family or friends. The most loved and talked and ordered items have been the Flat Iron steak, the Black Vanilla wholesome breakfast, and Fondue with Bacon & Ham! The crepes have been lovvvvved uniformly, no favorites. While the churros are stealing their way into hearts.

The dessert lover finds a sweet spot with the Chocolate Gooey cake, Raspberry cheesecake, and the Apple pie. The coffee guarantees an “I’ll come back for you, you touch my soul”. There are milkshakes and ice-teas for every mood one could walk in with and then there’s detox choices to remain guilt-free. 

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