El Dorado – Individual Villas in Assagao

El Dorado – Individual Villas in Assagao

El Dorado – Individual Villas in Assagao

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3850 Sq. ft.


Our grand range of villas in Assagao, North Goa, located only 3.5 KMSfrom Chapora and Vagator Beach. True to its name, El Dorado is bountiful in her riches, a setting of a golden era, welcoming the connoisseurs of luxury. . The concept of El Dorado draws Inspiration from a golden era dating back to the XVith century. The then known story of a city drowned in the riches of luxury and Gold El Dorado. Today the team of Bennet & Bernard pays homage to a time and culture in the designing & making of El Dorado. We sought a journey to create and transfer a glorious past to clients befitting those of the golden era, at their holiday home here in Goa.

It is Goa’s first Dutch-Balinese architectural design. A sprawling masterpiece of 10 independent villas features its own private pool, garden, an expansive double height living room with modern eclectic interiors with optional features including a private jacuzzi and a in-home gym. With Areas upto 3850 sq.ft. these mystique villas are defined by large spaces, privacy & Super luxury.

The beauty of large garden spaces ranging from 910 Sq.ft. to 1300 Sq. ft. allow the magnificence of detailed landscapes. Garden-up, it’s in the top list to de-stress. The central driveway is highlighted with palms on either side. It’s rather welcoming their sway that bows to you.  Rich green envelopes the project of El Dorado.

Everything about El Dorado is lavish. Your space within your home is thought through very practically. The three-bedroom villas come with a private home office and outdoor dining for a more social occasion.

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