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Grosvenor House

3.5 BHK Condominiums
Beyond the royal arcade lies in mystique a treasured renaissance era. The formidable architectural marvel, solitary, imposing, regal, poised to push the boundaries of luxury and aristocracy beyond and higher.

Assagao, rich in tradition and heritage, culture and values, is now the abode of eight uber luxury residences. 19,000 prime square feet of an imperial mise en scène to host the most prestigious homes in Goa.

Each home adorns a select royal palette of willow trees, winterberry, seashell and other hues to create grand living rooms and distinguished spaces handsomely named Alexander Hall, Eaton Hall, William Hall, each name an ode to the legacy of residents & makers of the original Grosvenor House in London.

The a-la-carte services of house butler, chauffeur driven luxury cars, curated exclusive menus from passionate restaurateurs are entrees to the aristocratic lifestyle of Grosvenor House.

Grosvenor House is dignified in her discipline of English architecture and bedecked in aristocratic opulence. The greensward and gardens are finely detailed and the rising walls elude supremacy in pearl white. The grandeur of magnificent Victorian style grand halls intertwines with modern comforts, while the final drop of the chandelier perfects the living room.

The Italian marble flooring is a luxurious home walk, the wall-art bequeath stories over earl grey teas, the marble-top dining tables are an opulent grace, the grandiose of the bedrooms a Shakespearean affair.  Every detail of Grosvenor House exudes sumptuous luxury. 

A Coat of Arms is traditionally unique and a generational symbol that speaks volumes in itself. Bestowed in the early eras it denoted a heraldic symbolism, today it has evolved a full display of character, history, meaning and purpose.

The Grosvenor House coat of arms is eloquent in the story it holds. It is both an ode to the achievements of our past and glory of the future. It pays perfect tribute to the quintessentially placed village of Assagao, rich in her history.

Each point of historical significance and natural indulgence, is seen in this tribute gesture.   

A location laden with heritage homes and structures, the architectural beauty of St. Sebastian church at the onset of this village is far known. Another unique structure, is a mysterious masonry pillar, commonly called the Kator, meaning scissor, and known to be a 1000 plus year old temple lamp-post. Adorned in her finery of flora and fauna, it is known as the ‘flower village’ of Goa. The calming sound of the waters of the Dossa-zor spring at Assagao is also believed to have the capacity to heal rheumatism and eye problems.

The crowning glory embracing every attribute of location, years of driving quality and elegant construction is framed in The Grosvenor House Coat of Arms.

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Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd, is the India Division of the global business of The Bennet & Bernard Company. Led by a dynamic, visionary leadership, the company has established itself as the foremost benchmark of luxury real estate in Goa. Born and bred on Goan soil, Bennet & Bernard are deeply attuned to the importance of responsible development in our beloved state.The business is diversified into various sectors, including gastronomy and hospitality, as well as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

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