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Chiado De Moira

Portuguese luxury villas
Goa has been the gem of India’s realty market for its idyllic villages, sweeping green farmlands and forest tracts and scenic beaches. Somewhere in the north of Goa, nestled in serenity is Moira, a quintessential Goan village with deserted village lanes, the chirping of birds and rustle of leaves. Here, Bennet & Bernard has created its sweet spot, a sprawling masterpiece community of six exclusive villas, Chiado De Moira, that tie in Goa’s European connection with its rustic local setting.

Chiado De Moira artfully blends traditional influences with contemporary amenities to create luxury living spaces. Hints of old Portuguese architecture play hide-and-seek with modern touches in the sprawling villas. The main hacienda draws inspiration from Tuscany and Baja, with local stone, brick and hardwoods, tiled roofs, stone floors and marble counters.

Each of the ten villas has it’s own plunge pool and a stunning botanical garden artfully laid out with tropical palms, olive trees and local plants. World-renowned designer, Lalin Jinasena, will add his art to create blissful interiors and landscapes.

Construction Status

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd is the fastest grown and perhaps youngest vision-driven Real Estate Developers in Goa. As a leading firm in eco-luxury real estate and hospitality, our vision is to bring world-class services to Goa with an eye on the local environment. 


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