Bennet & Bernard has carved a niche in the minds of a luxury connoisseur. Let’s introduce you to the gentlemen that make Bennet & Bernard, the exclusive Brand Standard it is.

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder & Chairman of Bennet & Bernard Group is of Goan origin, hailing from the island village of Chorao. He completed his education from Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim, and then followed his father’s lead to sea. At 19 years, Lincoln went aboard commercial cargo vessels. The voyage went on to be 14 years of total work experience of sea, which attributes to the highest level of discipline, efficiency and responsibility of conducting business.  Joining as a cadet, he moved up the ranks finally moving out from his marine profession as SDPO 2nd Officer.

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues is the Co-founder of Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes. Deep water navigation, 50 feet waves and pirate encounter talks, soon saw Lindsay pursue the challenge and the water striding went on for 12 years before new dreams were born. Lindsay has been affiliated with commercial cargo vessels, FPSO & Passenger ships since 2003. Joining as a cadet, he has carried several roles and responsibilities in his marine career, working with prominent names of Nortrands Shipping, Carnival Cruise Line and Chowgule Pvt Ltd.

The brothers, in parallel, run the two family businesses of Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt. Ltd. and Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

Lincoln’ forward thinking saw him vision for his family & himself, a stronger independent life quality. He chose “Luxury Custom Homes” as the course of business he would eventually move full-time into. He ran parallel his first two projects with occasional assignments at sea. From 2014, he moved all his time towards Custom Homes and the Hospitality businesses. He sets the path for business expansion looking at end to end operations of property acquisitions, type of building, architectural thoughts, Research and Development, green effects, etc.

Lindsay is the strength and balance as seen between neck and head. He owns and oversees the responsibility of quality, structural integrity, supervision of all sites beginning from excavation to raising structures, interior finishing, till the client receives the keys. Lindsay is the strongest pillar and support to Lincoln. His speed of execution and decision making has seen the Villas being delivered in great time commitment. He remains the most hands-on person for the businesses.

Lincoln & Lindsay are first- generation businessman. Coming from a commercial marine background, the brothers first invested in a yacht that would be for leisure & pleasure services of the affluent looking for the experience. A business that survived merely three months, and wrapped up in bankruptcy! Business was not going to be easy and definitely not cheap. Equipped with only priceless learning, and needing to get some actual money, Bennet & Bernard continued the mariner assignments. The next assignment would be another new venture, completely alien to them and out of their comfort zone. In the spirit of entrepreneurship they ventured into Real-Estate which today is the primary business, setting a gold standard in Goa.


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