Health and Wellness Delights in Goa

Goa is known for its beaches and its greenery all over. But have you ever stopped and appreciated the beautiful sky above you, or just taken a moment to admire the lush green trees. Well, stop right now and have a look because what you see now is rare. With the rapidly changing climatic conditions, all that we see now might just vanish. It’s time for us to make a positive change, but it’s hard to change the whole world so let us start with ourselves first. Goa, popularly known as the land of parties, interestingly also has many healthy options to improve your life.


Here are a few activities in Goa, you can adopt to enhance your lifestyles. 


There are plenty of yoga retreat centers in Goa run by professionals. These centers teach you the basics of yoga, daily pranayama (breathing), meditation, kriyas, (nostril cleansing techniques) asana (posture) practice, restorative flow, and Yoga Nidra are all part of these retreats. They have introduced exciting activities for the evening like full moon candlelight meditations and yoga movies. They offer you eco-friendly cottages for your stay and authentic vegetarian meals. Other facilities and activities include a healthy restaurant, juice bar, and nature trips such as river kayaking and bird watching, cooking classes and spa. The extensive spa treatments they offer include reiki, massage, shiatsu, Ayurveda, and body scrubs. Most of these retreat centers are facing the sea adding a unique sense of calmness to your experience. 

Yoga retreat centers in Goa

Food for your soul

The Goan Farm Market is a great initiative run by Viegas sisters, Chiara and Sheena, Sheena’s husband Ian Menezes. They have encouraged local farmers to sell their products directly to consumers. Nothing screams, “Healthy” than fresh fruits and vegetables. It is an escape to our overpowering need for preservatives. Farmers from everywhere gather around passing on traditional secrets. Along with local produce, the market is known to sell homemade food items like bebinca, dodol and environment-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes, cloth refrigerator bags and jungle jewelry made from the seed. 


Every year there have been several marathons that have been organized. Most of them are in support of a specific cause. There is no better way to stay fit and help the world at the same time. Zumba has been the most intriguing exercises come forth. It’s all about dancing your way to fitness. Adding fun or a cause to your workout makes it less tiring and motivates you to do more. If neither works for you then there are also several adventure sports offered like kayaking, hiking, water sports and many more. There’s always something to do to keep yourself fit. 

Meditation Centers

We need to be mentally fit and not just physically. We are often so caught up in our world of chaos we forget to live in the moment. Meditation is medicine for your mind. It rejuvenates your soul and teaches you mindfulness. Releasing the toxic energy and setting in positivity. Goa is known for its calming atmosphere and is the best place to settle down and lose yourself to the waves and the wind. 

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