Gold Badge Program

Bennet and Bernard has been on the forefront of pioneering and inventing in our businesses. Bennet and Bernard Gold Badge Homes program is a well-placed step in this direction of re-engineering in Real Estate.

At Bennet and Bernard, our clients have always been the centre of our business. The business introspects to reflect, to resolve, to innovate. We think through features – What can, how can, where can, which one,– would make a difference for our Home spaces. The resultant Bennet and Bernard Gold Badge Homes we believe will deliver an experience clients will cherish today and in a post-pandemic world.

We will incorporate these as we can for existing projects, and projects from 2020 on, will have these incorporated and available to all future clients. 

The features are a revolutionary blend of traditional practices with modern technology. We bring to you enhanced features to the Design Services that embrace optimal air circulation, dust-mite treatment packages, HEPA Filters for Air-conditioning systems, community hydroponic farming that allows self-sustenance, anti-bacterial surface finishes, re-imagining the traditional cultures of the use of copper that is proven to kill bacterial settlement on its surfaces and more features to deliver the Gold Badge program for our clients. 

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd is the fastest grown and perhaps youngest vision-driven Real Estate Developers in Goa. As a leading firm in eco-luxury real estate and hospitality, our vision is to bring world-class services to Goa with an eye on the local environment. 


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