Bennet & Bernard - Covid-19, Relief Operations


In giving is the blessing…


Bennet and Bernard does their bit amidst the Covid-19 crisis to make it a better day for another.

We shall overcome this together.


If required to put the things actually done in the comment or wherever the below are the pointers.


  1. At various police check-posts in Goa, Bennet & Bernard raised canopy tents. These provide shade to the police personnel on Covid-19 lockdown
    duty who have to stand in the scorching heat to monitor movement during the lockdown. It is a place they can grab a little rest  for a few minutes. They were also provided refreshments that can be had while on duty.
  2. The Bennet & Bernard bakery made bread which was distributed to the needy
  3. Bennet & Bernard sought the required permission and mobilised home deliveries of Artisan Deli cold cuts to various locations in Goa
  4. Bennet & Bernard has undertaken stray animal feeding as there has been a very high impact to them, amidst the lockdown

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