Bennet and Bernard Crest

Bennet and Bernard Foundation

Our Vision

A business valued by its customers, respected by its competitors, prided by its employees.

Our Mission

We challenge ourselves to be different, even disruptive if needed

If we fall, we learn, and jump back on our feet, only wiser and stronger

We are unconventional in tough times and it sets us apart

We are willing to be misunderstood by others for some time, because we understand where we are going

We deliver quality of highest standards to customers that we personally use in our lives

Bennet and Bernard Values

Our Client is the Centre of Our Business

Understand Client interest and deliver beyond expectations. Be vigilant of the changing environment and markets and adapt ahead with premium products and services. 


Display ownership at all times. Perform all roles and tasks required, never saying, “that’s not my job”. Invest of yourself in the company, like it were your own. 

Innovate & Simplify

There is no room for complacency. If you’ve done it too long, it’s outdated. Improve products, services or processes, reduce time & effort taken, and standardize where required.

Need for Speed

An idea sitting idle for too long loses its energy and its patents. Yet if a patent is to be earned, you have to deliver a great product.

Managing Change

Change is a constant. Managing Change in a fast-paced and growing business requires courage to adapt and learning along the way.