Assagao- the flower village of Goa

The holiday season is here and once again goa is bustling with vacation goers. Tourists from all across the globe visit our humbled little state to witness its spectacular beaches and dwell in its abundance of greenery. Although, over the years certain parts of the state have gained more and more popularity, making the soul searchers dig deeper for solace. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle lies Assagao, Goa’s very own “fullanchem Gao” (flower village). 


Assagao is a  place where you can hear the rustling of leaves on a breezy evening, birds whistling and chirping from dawn to dusk. If you wander in the hills you’re sure to spot a variety of flora and fauna. If your thinking of a few places to stay on your holiday in Goa, Assagao is a must add to your list. With regard to most of the towns in the north, Assagao is comparatively much more peaceful and you’ll find spots that are completely untouched. 


Assagao is located in the valley of the verdurous north Goan hills. It is covered by healthy green foliage that leaves the village atmosphere feeling constantly pleasant and cool as it is protected from the harsh sun rays. The architecture in Assagao is beautiful. The majority of the houses there have beautifully maintained the Portuguese style giving the village an antique, peaceful vibe. 


The best part about the village is everything you need to have an immersive experience in Goa is right around the corner from there. There are quite a few cozy cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food.  All the stunning beaches like Morjim, Ashwem, Vagator, Anjuna are 15-20 minutes away as Assagao is centrally located in the north.

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