About Us

About Us

The Story Behind our Success

“Be ready to build a door when opportunity knocks!!

 When you dare to dream, you should have the courage & gumption to make them a reality.”  – Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues

Entrepreneurship is a fantastic journey of heart and mind, embarked only by those who have an insatiable need to challenge the status quo of life as it has been. Swathed in the comfort of secure jobs and incredibly high, steady income, life as it had been may have been demanding, but the routine was at least known and predictable.

Fate or destiny, but more reliably faith to take the uncharted roads had begun to beckon the brothers Lincoln & Lindsay, quite determinedly. The elixirs of success or negotiating nadirs of failures while treading through unbeaten paths to seek and conquer the distant horizons, knocked more resolutely each day.

The fact is nothing is yours to decide once the journey has been embarked. You cannot slowdown or stop at your own volition because, along the way, you have picked up men and women who sought you out as a leader and have full faith in you. You are the untamed horse racing ahead in all its glory against the wind in the vast expanse of an unknown landscape. The only thing that accompanies you is the untamed belief that I can – that WE can, and we MUST!

There are no short- cuts allowed. Days, weeks, and months fly by internalizing the thrill and euphoria of the initial ground-breaking events. Each day ending each day with a reminder, “We damn well be sure we were right.”

Circa 2009, the Brothers, Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, and Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues laid the first of the many bricks that would help build their vision into reality.
The vision simply put, is a promise to better the lifestyle of every person who would interact with Bennet and Bernard as our customer, whether external or internal. Done by taking on ventures, they would be the best in.”

The brothers have since worked relentlessly towards this vision every day.The poise of braving the unknown, was going to be a reliable friend for the first- generation entrepreneurs.

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues & Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues have a death-or-glory attitude to business. The never-tired approach of being the best version of what they and the business can be every single day. To deliver sui generis luxury to the connoisseurs and in doing so, surpassing the known norms. In reality, this could very well be the essence to anyone who wants to have an affluent lifestyle.

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd introduce ourselves as premium home builders in Goa, India. A homegrown business that started in 2013, Bennet & Bernard now extends into Real Estate and Gastronomy as successful businesses. Our more recent venture has gone international in acquiring restaurants in the picturesque Sintra-Portugal 

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd is the fastest grown and perhaps youngest vision driven Real Estate Developers in Goa. As a leading firm in eco-luxury real estate and hospitality, our vision is to bring world-class services to Goa with an eye on the local environment. Our client is the centre of our business and ensuring clean paperwork, timeliness in delivery and possession of the villa is just the start of a promised excellent experience of buying a home with us.

Our completed projects Lakeshire in Khorlim, Old Goa, Gables by the Bay in Dabolim Goa and Casa Del Señor are TUV SUD certified and award-winning projects. Gables by the Bay was recognized as Best West Division Small Housing Project 2015. Casa Del Señor received a CRISIL 6 Star Rating.Our venture into Restaurants was honestly driven by the love for good food and to make those choices available to the consumer in Goa. In three years, five units boast best in class international cuisines. A dominating steak house is Barrels & Bones in Panjim, two French Cafés, one on the waterfront promenade of Campal Panjim, and the other in the quintessential Assagao; two international food café’s Thirsty Bear operate in Bambolim and Goa’s tourist hub Vagator, add to our distinguished brand in Goa.

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues
Chairman | Director


Bennet & Bernard advanced internationally in its acquisition & start of business in Sintra Portugal. Toca Do Javali is a Goan- Portuguese cuisine restaurant. Black Vanilla has also been taken globally with its first international outlet in Portugal.  

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues is the Founder and Chairman for Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt. Ltd. and Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. He is a professional mariner by background with 18 years of work experience. At 19, he took to sea for commercial cargo vessels.

Lincoln is highly self-driven and amidst his career at sea, in 2009 took a simultaneous plunge to Business. He envisioned for himself and his family a stronger life quality. He chose “luxury custom homes” eventually loving it more and making it his life-time love and passion.

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Lincoln’s brother, is the Co-owner of Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt. Ltd. and Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Lindsay also comes with a marine background with a total of 15 years of work experience. Lindsay is the reigning pillar of the Custom Homes Division, where every project is personally supervised by him.


Co - Founder | Director

The Bennet & Bernard brothers collectively run business operations. Lincoln in his role has set the path for business expansion and Lindsay takes complete lead on converting paper to projects. Their vision keeps them united through every project and expansion. Their football fanatism keeps them greatly divided with Manchester United and FC Barcelona as individual choices.