The World Of BNB

“Diverged into Custom Luxury Homes, Agro farming, Hotels and Restaurants, Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes seeks every opportunity to deliver excellence in end consumer experience”


Since the inception in 2009, the culture and the values of the team has remained the same, innovating experience and re­defining luxury. With a penchant towards exclusive designs, idiosyncratic living concepts along with finest quality of construction, Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes has positioned itself as a mark of quality, passion and innovation.



Bennet & Bernard’s very first restaurant under the B&B gastronomy banner is a solution to world – class international cuisine in Goa. The chefs and staff are realigned to the company’s vision to deliver a world – class experience through unpretentious food, with some quirky fusion recipes included in the menu.


Founders Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues & Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, with professional marine
background have understood perfection at a very early age. Together with Lincoln’s vision
and Lindsay’s “hawk eye” attention to detail, they form a great team and
inspirational leaders.


With Thirsty Bear, we entered the round­the­clock service market in Goa, creating a 24 hour deli­style eatery that matches the best ingredients with an evocative ambiance. It’s a world of quick bites and delicious delights, mouth­watering savories and decadent desserts, thick milkshakes and tantalizing ice creams all day and night. Thirsty bear is the ideal hangout which serves great unwinding experience for one and all.



Barrels & Bones is a one of a kind BBQ ­Steakhouse with a rustic ambiance, in an old Portuguese house nestled in lanes of Fontainhas, Panjim a place rich in Goan heritage. Barrels and Bones offers a range of appetizers, salads, sizzlers, risotto, pizzas, main course served with assorted dips to go along with probably the best steaks in town.


Black Vanilla seeks to bring you tastes of a classique French bakery in a central setting on Goa’s main Campal Road, Panjim. A coffee at any time of the day, great choice of iced­ teas and milk­shakes promise to make interesting beverages or just excellent companions should you stroll in by yourself. Black Vanilla is home to a variety sandwich­ tartines and bagels, salads or pizzas, an array of pastries, and ensures there is something for everyone’s palate.

Crab & Co Assagao

Crab & Co, is an ode to the seafood culture of Goa. The Crab is the clear show-stopper on our menu. Accompanied by an esteemed entourage of mussels, prawns, calamari and the freshest catch of the day, they are cleverly and deliberately chosen to meet your every gastronomic desire.

Thirsty Bear Vagator

With Thirsty Bear, B&B Gastronomy and Hospitality entered the round-the-clock service market in Goa, creating a deli-style eatery that matches the best ingredients with an evocative ambience. It’s a world of quick bites and delicious delights, mouth-watering savouries and decadent desserts, thick milkshakes and tantalising ice creams.

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